How to hire Marine surveyor?

When looking to hire a surveyor find out

  1. How long have they been surveying and their expertise, their profile.
  2.  Are they member of any of the survey organization.
  3. Go through their blogs on the website.
  4. See profiles of the team of surveyors.
  5. Ask for an appointments to discuss your requirements.

Why to choose our service?

Our Marine experts provide all necessary assurance, assistance and guidance for smooth functioning of all key operations to be carried out safely keeping in mind approved procedures being exercised in the present shipping industry.

What does our Mobile App do?

Our “surveyor appointments” Mobile App provides you

  1. Tracking of your survey appointment
  2. Access to real time photos taken by attending surveyor which can be viewed on your smart device
  3. Simplifying appointment of Marine Surveyor

Surveyor Appointments is an innovative concept from Constellation Marine Services which serves clients in providing real time situation updates from survey locations while our surveyors are attending the job at the site.The app named as “Surveyor Appointments” or “can be searched by our company name Constellation Marine” available on the Apple App Store & the Android (play store). It is free to download, also free from ads & sponsorship interference’s.

Guidance to clients use of Android App and iOS App:

Search in app store (google play store) for “Constellation Marine Surveyors or Surveyor appointments

Step 1: Sign into the app by clicking “New/existing Clients”

*For Nominating us for new job click on Job Nomination for New Customer password will be sent  to you via e-mail. (this is only for new customers who is nominating us through our App).

*If Already possess user and password click on Existing Customers and enter user and password.     (For Existing customer’s user and password will be sent to you via e-mail once job confirmed).

Step 2:

  • Click on Job Nomination to Nominate us for New Job.
  • Click on View job (On Active Ref no’s) to view survey details and report status.
  • Click on Track surveyor to track surveyors current position.
  • Click on View image to view real time photo updates captured by surveyor.

 “Share your Valuable feedback/any issues  Regarding Mobile app at itdesk@constellationms.com”

Our Marine experts have hands-on experience starting, marine claims,warranty , bunkering and insurance surveys, so we understand exactly what you need.



Capt.Vispy Rusi Dadimaster- Master Mariner


Clients count on us every day to help transform uncertainty into possibility.