carriage of break bulk cargo

Carriage Of Break Bulk Cargo On Board The Container Vessels

Break bulk cargos are goods that must be loaded individually on a ship and was the most common form of cargo for most of the history of shipping. The term break bulk derives from the phrase breaking bulk—the extraction of a portion of the cargo of a machinery, plant etc. Break bulk cargo is transported […]

bunker quantity dispute

“The Morning After Effect” – Bunker Quantity Dispute

It can be said with a degree of certainty, that when disputes arise over bunker quantity, any ‘post-delivery’ investigation on quantity shortages are often inconclusive especially if the shipboard personnel involved in bunkering operation have neglected the basic principles of safeguarding its owners/charterers’ rights in way of collecting and preserving evidence. A success of any […]

vessel hold cleaning survey

Vessel Hold Cleaning Survey

Vessel Hold Cleaning Services and Survey The design of modern dry bulk carriers is centered on their holds and has over time evolved to be as efficient as possible in terms of volume of cargo carried. But what happens when the voyage is completed and the cargo holds are empty? What comes next is a […]

Procedure of sampling of fuel oil during bunkering

Taking bunker fuel oil sample is utmost an important process during any bunkering as equal to calculation of transfer quantity. The Bunker fuel sampling includes the method of taking the sample, the location of sampling and witnessing it. Marine fuel deliveries are usually measured by volume but paid for by weight, so bunker sample testing […]

Cargo Damaged Surveys

Cargo Damage Surveys, for investigating claims At Constellation Marine services, we know that cargo claims are inevitable. The essence of our services for claims made to you or to bring against someone brings us to take you step by step through the services we render to you. For all types of claims, we provide you […]

Marine inspection

world’s first ever ethane carrier capable of using ethane liquid for propulsion -inspected by Capt. Delzin Irani Marine inspection -Ethane Carrier inspection Marine inspection: Having sailed on gas carriers for majority of his sea going carrier, Our gas carrier expert Capt Delzin Irani of Constellation Marine Services had never come across any dedicated ethane carrier […]