Marine Cargo Pre-loading Survey and Inspection

Marine Cargo Pre-loading Survey and Inspection – Pre-loading Cargo Inspection Procedure

Marine Cargo Pre-loading Survey and Inspection:Constellation Marine Services as ship and cargo surveyors would like to bring to the attention of the shipping community the benefits of appointing the survey Company M/s. Constellation Marine Services to carry out a pre-loading inspection of the cargo /container during loading the cargo into an export container. Constellation Marine Services  have extensively  trained their staff surveyors  to prepare them to carry out the job they are assigned by protecting the interest of the party they are representing and ensuring safety of the cargo during transit.

Upon receiving an enquiry from a customer by Constellation Marine Services, the scope of the job is discussed and confirmed before sending the quotation. Once the quotation is approved and nomination is confirmed. The job is assigned to a competent surveyor from the staff with detailed briefing on the scope and requirements to smoothly carry out the nominated job.

Marine Cargo Pre-loading Survey and Inspection – Rejection of claim due to bad stowage

There are many cases where the damage noted to the cargo  was caused due to improper stowage of the same  in the container  and failure of securing arrangement and the claim for damage/loss was rejected by the cargo underwriters as well as shipping line. There were also cases where the cargo was damaged in the container as the container supplied by the shipping line had pin holes and hair cracks in the roof causing ingress of water into the container during transit leading  to wet damage to the cargo therein .

Marine Cargo Pre-loading Survey and Inspection – Cargo inspection requirement

On appointing  M/s.Constellation Marine Services, their surveyor would  carry out the cargo inspection and the container inspection  designated for the cargo .He would inspect the container internally and externally to ensure that the same is seaworthy & cargo worthy and suitable for the type of cargo to be loaded into.  He would inspect the cargo and mode & condition of packing to ensure that there is no damage and packings are adequate before they are taken into the container. The cargo surveyor then would advise the manner in which the packages should be stowed in the container to ensure that the packages are not shifted from their original position leading to damage during the voyage or in transit. He monitors the loading operation till completion and doors are sealed. He also takes photographs showing the condition of container and cargo there in, manner of stowage and mode of packing. On completion of the container/cargo inspection the cargo survey report on pre-loading inspection with photographs will be issued to the concerned shipper.

Marine Cargo Pre-loading Survey and Inspection report as documentary evidence

In case of a damage found to the cargo in the container at destination this survey report will be a document of evidence confirming the pre-loading condition of the container and cargo to establish that the cargo & container were    in sound condition when loaded with cargo  well stowed and secured in place at the shipper’s end and the damage ,if any, noted  may have occurred during the cargo was in transit. Thus confirming shipper is not liable for the loss/damage.

Blog Written by Chartd.Engr K.D Shenoy

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