carriage of break bulk cargo

Carriage Of Break Bulk Cargo On Board The Container Vessels

Break bulk cargos are goods that must be loaded individually on a ship and was the most common form of cargo for most of the history of shipping. The term break bulk derives from the phrase breaking bulk—the extraction of a portion of the cargo of a machinery, plant etc. Break bulk cargo is transported commonly in containers, crates etc or individually.

Qualified Surveyors from Constellation Marine Services attend un loading operations of break bulk cargo from container ships all over the world. The cargo arrived in a secured/lashed condition on one or more Flat Rack containers and containers were locked to the ship’s structure/holds by twist locks.

On arrival of the vessel at discharge port, Constellation Marine’s surveyor boarded the vessel and inspected the break bulk cargo which was secured on the Flat Rack containers along with ship’s responsible person. It was noted that the cargoes were properly secured/lashed on the Flat Rack containers by means of lashing belts. After pre-discharge inspection of the break bulk cargo and the condition of lifting gears & its certificates, the cargo was discharged by using shore gantry crane with the help of wire slings / shackles, which were connected to the lashing hooks of the cargo.


1) A tool box meeting to be conducted with all concerned (representative from ship, shore & stevedores) and to be discussed about the sequence of unloading & safety precautions to be followed.

2) To be inspected the condition of the cargo which was loaded/secured on board the vessel along with ship’s staff.
Pre-discharge inspection by a surveyor includes to check the condition of the cargo for any damages (existing or fresh), condition of lashing straps/wires along with associated gears & its suitability.

3) To inspect the condition of gears (straps/wires & cranes) using for lifting/hoisting the cargo and by the stevedores – physical condition, safe working load & to check the validity of third party inspection certificate.

4) To assist and co ordinating with stevedore’s Forman for a smooth un loading operation.

damage survey

During our qualified surveyor’s continuous supervision of cargo pre-discharge/loading inspection or discharging/loading of break bulk cargos, we have never experienced any breakages falling of cargo nor any shifting while sea passage in the 17000+ nominations so far executed by Constellation Marine’s qualified surveyors and naval architects.

Re working and verification of lashing arrangements prior sailing out upon loading of heavy lifts, break bulk units by our qualified & experienced naval architects is one of the key strengths of Constellation Marine Service’s deliverance to this segment of Maritime transportation industry.