Marine Cargo Pre-loading Survey and Inspection

Marine Cargo Pre-loading Survey and Inspection – Pre-loading Cargo Inspection Procedure

Marine Cargo Pre-loading Survey and Inspection:Constellation Marine Services as ship and cargo surveyors would like to bring to the attention of the shipping community the benefits of appointing the survey Company M/s. Constellation Marine Services to carry out a pre-loading inspection of the cargo /container during loading the cargo into an export container. Constellation Marine Services  have extensively  trained their staff surveyors  to prepare them to carry out the job they are assigned by protecting the interest of the party they are representing and ensuring safety of the cargo during transit.

Upon receiving an enquiry from a customer by Constellation Marine Services, the scope of the job is discussed and confirmed before sending the quotation. Once the quotation is approved and nomination is confirmed. The job is assigned to a competent surveyor from the staff with detailed briefing on the scope and requirements to smoothly carry out the nominated job.

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