Marine Surveyor’s Role in issuing Hot and Cold Work Permit

The hot work permit will be required on-board the vessels or on the sites in case of doing the below,

• welding
• Cutting
• Grinding
• Brazing
• Hot riveting
• Similar activities causing flames or heating or sparks.

Constellation marine services is certified and approved company to do Hot and cold work with approved and qualified surveyors with experience on Hot and cold work by minimum 5 to 30 years following Health, Safety, Environment, IOSH & NEBOSH rules while conducting the inspection, When we (Constellation Marine Services) receive a nomination for Hot work permit will confirm the location, Scope and timing of the work, then will visit the vessel with full PPE and introduce ourselves to master, Chief Engineer, safety officer then start to inspect the location, Each location have its procedure to follow but will talk generally about our main check points for Hot Work,

• Fire watch, fire hose, fire extinguisher, fire blanket must be available and ready at the site continuously till completion of the work.
• The location must be clean and without any combustible materials.
• Hot work must be 0.5 M from any fuel tank, non-gas free tank or vents by minimum.
• The adjacent insulation must be removed for 0.5 m by minimum.
• Appropriate work signs and tags to be available.
• All deck opening and opened manholes work site must be barricaded.
• No Hot work during the bunkering of fuel or painting jobs
• If the hot work inside tank must be gas free and if fuel tank must be dry and fully cleaned, and proper ventilation, access and communication must be provided.
• If the hot work for pipes we have make sure the valves closed and pipe is empty from any liquid and water flushed
• If the work at height we have to check the scaffolding is solid and secured, scaffolding tag is provided or no, Proper working platform provided and the workers must wear the proper PPE with rope access to make sure in case of any problem he will not fail down.

The cold work permit will be required on-board the vessels or on the sites in case of doing any Non-routine activates such as below jobs,

• Painting
• Overhauling of Engines, Generators…. etc.
• Blasting
• Work at height

In the cold work requirement constellation surveyor are diligently check all the required point to keep the work area and workers safe form accidents or injuries and as mentioned before each activity have a different procedure to follow in constellation Marine services.